The Need for Drafting Services

Drafting services play a crucial role in the development of an architectural idea into a commercial building, bridge or residential home. Without an experienced and highly qualified team of drafters, concepts would remain simply that — unrealized, spoken thoughts.

It’s up to an architectural firm’s drafting services to convert ideas into workable layouts that can then be physically constructed. Nowadays, this is mostly done through Computer-aided drafting, or CAD, although board drafting is also a factor.

When using CAD, design concepts are entered into a software program specific to drafting, and a technical drawing results. The project’s drafting team creates a two-dimensional representation of what’s to be built to specification.

Many drafting teams use a combination of CAD and board drafting — sitting at a drafting table with rulers and a protractor — to produce a finished technical draft. They’re highly skilled craftsman who play vital roles in the design and construction of many buildings in Bondi Junction, Australia.