Vatia Beach Resort
Eco-Resort in the in the Sun Coast of Fiji
The project idea was to recuperate an old coastal farm and transform it into a self-sustainable and off-the-grid commercial eco-resort where travellers can find a piece of paradise that is also sympathetic to the existing communities. The project started as a joint venture between Mr D. Singh and Marcos G. Puga and his team. ijendrah will contribute with the land, and TCNRY will develop the project, find investors and manage approvals and construction.   Conditions changed. After the GFC in 2008 the EU stop sending funds to developing countries, those funds where somehow supporting the initial stages of the resort. Moreover, mr Singh,'s health saddlery deteriorated needing medical intervention in Sydney.   Marcos visited dijendrah when hospitalized and in seeing the situation it was decided to change the approach:   TCNRY will ended up leasing the land instead and self-financing the initial stages of the development to reach a break-even point from where investors will be invited. So Diego, Edu and Marcos shipped all construction tools and move to the paradise.   Even after, Winston (strongest hurricane ever registered on the Southern hemisphere), two floods, deportations, fires,  use of only sweat capital... and the constant challenges of developing tropical countries the project reach profitability within 24 months. The project involved a wide range of administrative and managerial duties, dealing with governments, foreign trades, importing and exporting; issuing of building permits, hotel license, restaurant licenses, tourism and sports licenses. On the construction side, the development was again quite challenging. Renovation and addition of main quarters, restoration and running of private farm able to cater kitchen needs for up to 30 daily customers; installation of a commercial kitchen; beach management involving civil works to create coral passages and natural pools, erection of six eco-friendly bungalows and finally all civil works for road maintenance and widening, solar power, water resources and sewage.
Service: Architecture
Use: Hospitality
Typology: Hotel
Scope: New Construction
Office: Sydney