Pre-Purchase & Feasibility Studies

Purchasing a building or signing a lease is a significant investment. We can provide you with feasibility studies and test fits of potential spaces to help you make those decisions with confidence.

Building Code & Zoning Analysis

We can effectively navigate local regulatory approval processes including zoning and permitting. We also handle issues of site analysis, access, circulation, parking, urban design, local development guidelines.


Spatial and program distribution

Set out the brief in liaison with the client’s needs and aesthetics preferences including opportunities and constraints of the site. Propose materials, finishes and spaces in a suggestive manner as to maximize the number of solutions and possibilities.

Costs, timeframe and feasibility

Understanding of Council and Statutory requirements and compliance as well as client’s budget and timing.

Building Design

Plans, elevations, sections, areas , compliance schedules and 3d model that expose the project in its context and makes it ready for been documented.

Interior Design

Our interior design services provide creative and intelligent responses to your goals and requirements. We know how to listen and infuse your organization’s personality into a space. We provide services that include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration.


Council Approvals Packages

All required information to support council applications:
DA (Development Application)
CC (Construction Certificate)
CDC (Complying Development Certificate)

Compliance Documentation

Basix Certificates, Shadow Diagrams, Water management, Waste management, Site plans and analysis, 3D visualization, privacy studies, solar studies, Statement of Environmental effects… For all scales and scopes.

Construction Specification & Tendering

Integration with the project of all Materials, finishes, construction systems, engineers and external consultants specs. Schedules, gantt charts and management documentation.

Technical Plans

Preparation of Lighting and Electrical plans, Plumbing, HVAC. Liaison with the relevant consultants to coordinate documentation

Specific Details

We can prepare wall details, roofing, landscape details. For specific trades

Joinery and Openings Documentation

Joinery, kitchen cabinets, Windows and doors schedules,Schedules of Finishes, Items and FEE
Preparation of detailed schedule of finishes, appliances, equipment, hardware.


Project management

Stage Developments, consultant engagement, works overview and supervision, risk management, feasibility studies

Home improvements and renovations

Study of the different paths for council approval if needed, detailed investigation of existing structures to minimize the “unknwoance” factor. Proposal of the best aesthetical and practical solutions.
Control of demolition, re uses and cost minimization.

Bespoke and special features
Design and execution of items tailored to the customer’s needs. Forgeries, stonemasonry, timber works…
Furniture/Fixture/Equipment Procurement
Taking a project from floor plans and concept boards to become a fully realized space requires knowledge of where to purchase items. We have a huge supplier and manufacturer database we can draw upon which can save you money.
Budget and Schedule Development

We understand that this is an important investment for you and that time is money. We can assist you and your investors with developing detailed construction estimates and schedules, ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget.


3d Modelling & Visualization

We understand the importance of conceptually visualizing our designs. From interpreting raw facts to participating with clients in full-blown design charrettes, architectural design is interpreted and transformed into tangible, meaningful, artistic representations that help you visualize the space before it is built.

Drafting Services

BIM and CAD overnight, BCA and Australian Standards compliance

Architectural and Construction Presentations

Axonometric views, usage, privacy, solar access, diagrams, constructions simulation, graphic explanation of projects, areas, compliance…



A space needs to do more than function. It should inspire and connect. We work with clients to understand their brand in order to create dynamic and meaningful environments that engage and energize. A brand isn’t just an identity. It is your culture, exemplified by your space.
Information management System implementation

Strata Services

An architectural firm can provide numerous valuable services to a strata management business, enhancing the management, maintenance, and value of the properties within the strata scheme. Here are several ways an architectural firm can assist a strata management business: