Marcos is the founder and principal at Arcanary, registered Architect in Madrid, Spain no. 20020 and in NSW, Australia Reg.11733. He studied Architecture in Madrid, Paris and Ahmedabad. Marcos is a Project Manager,  Architect and Consultant with experience, leading end to end commercial and residential projects, both nationally and internationally. Managing multi-million-dollar budgets, overseeing resource procurement and allocation, liaising with key stakeholders and leading diverse teams to ensure projects are delivered on time.

Marcos is passionate about driving strategy and innovation as well as leading cross-functional teams to facilitate successful project outcomes.
His experience embraces a wide spectrum of the construction industry, from the finest design ateliers in Europe to the execution of his projects hands on. True believer that good quality and bespoke architecture can be to the reach of all. Clients’ opinions and inputs are necessary to deliver the most excellent architectural experience.

Marcos is also very passionate about business and started his entrepreneurial adventure in 2014 with the design, construction and operation management of Vatia Beach Eco Resort. This is the first step into the creation of an eco and sustainable chain of luxury hotels built in the respect of the local culture and environment.





    Registered Architect NSW Reg. 11733

    Project Manager with experience leading end to end commercial & residential projects both nationally and internationally. Expertise in managing multi-million-dollar budgets, resource procurement and allocation, dealing with key stakeholders and leading diverse teams to ensure projects are delivered successfully and on time.

    Founder and Principal of ARCanary Canary Constructions Management Pty Ltd since 2013.

    Passionate about good Design and Architecture with driving strategy and innovation.

    Professional Experience at Executive Level


    Sep 2013 -Current

    ARCanary – Canary Constructions & Management Pty Ltd (Sydney) – Sole Director, Project Manager, Designer, Commercial Contractor.


    As Architect and Project Leader I oversee the end to end delivery of commercial & residential projects from scope to roll out. This includes leading project teams, external contractors, consultants and authorities. I oversee resource procurement & engage with all key stakeholders to ensure project objectives, as well as deadlines, are met.

    I have been involved in over 150 projects, with roles ranging from specific consultant, documenter, designer, project manager and most often the project leader.

    Although the majority of my work is in NSW, I have also been engaged for interstate and international projects in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Thailand and Spain.

    From September 2013 I have been nurturing and growing a team, opening an office in Europe and creating valuable partnerships with complementary firms where we find sinergies in the AEC industry.

    We have been involved in projects of a wide variety of scales, from small residential and commercial renovations to the refurbishment of the NGA National Gallery OfAustralia in Canberra as consultants, or helping with the BIM management andconstruction sequencing of the Sydney Opera House refurbishment, as well asproviding consulting services for tier 1 builders on construction methodologies andvisualization.

    As Project Leader, we have authored 60+ residential developments (DA, CC, CDC),starting from small renovations, and transforming through the years into a specializedfirm in high-end, having currently a portfolio of 40+ MM in active residential projects.

    Since I started studying Architecture back in 2001, I have developed a real passion for construction, hence, I have wear in many occasions a construction management hat, also taking on D+C commercial and civil projects such as Remedial Works for the Sydney Light Rail as a subcontractor of Acciona S.A; or the construction of the acclaimed vegan Thai restaurant Little Turtle in Sydney.


    Other Professional Experience at Executive Level & Partnerships


    Jan 2018 – Current

    Align Consulting Solutions Pty Ltd (Sydney) Join Venture


    Align is a construction management and programming firm specialized in compliance, cost and quality control for project >10MM Align + Arcanary have worked together delivering construction intelligence to Tier 1 builders such as Taylor, Built, PBS, Manteena, TC Build and many others.


    April 2017 – Current

    Archisquad Limited (Bulgaria and Spain) 75% ownership, founder and major stakeholder.


    Archisquad is a European Firm specialized in providing documentation and
    visualization services to all scales of residential and commercial projects.
    Archisquad owns a specific work methodology and has developed its own computer
    system providing clarity to all project stakeholders.


    Sep 2014 – 2016

    EHE Engineers Pty Ltd (Sydney) Managing Director and Officeholder (Closed)


    EHE is a subsidiary of Secin Group (Engineering and Civil construction firm from Madrid, Spain), Delivering Structural engineering project of 20MM+


    Sep 2014 – June 2019

    Canary Hospitality & Tourism (Sydney) Director, Officeholder. 33% ownership. (Sold)


    A subsidiary company responsible for the Construction, Development and Operations of Vatia Beach Resort in Fiji. The Resort was sold in June 2019 to a local small hotel operator.


    Sep 2011 – Feb 2014

    Hayes-Puga Pty Ltd (Sydney) Project Manager & Consultant 50% ownership (Sold)


    Hayes-Puga is a small project management firm in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs.
    Managing residential projects ranging from $50K to $300K.


    Sep 2011 – Jul 2012

    Marcos G Puga (Sydney)


    Self-Employment – Project Manager, including design, planning and management services.


    Previous Professional Experience


    Apr 2011 – Sep 2011

    Koichi Takada Architects. KTA. (Sydney) Architectural drafter, Construction Designer and Documentation


    Overseeing delivery of high residential projects with key stakeholders
    Managing completion of exhibition centre project in Taiwan – Koichi
    Supervising public housing government project in Canberra – Koichi


    Jan 2009 – June 2009

    Vastu Shilpa Foundation (Ahmedabad, India) Student,, Internship


    Design and Drafting to Tata Motors Workers city in Ahmedabad under the supervision of Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi (2018 Pritzker Prize)


    Nov 2010 – Apr 2011

    James Davidson Architects. JDA. (Brisbane)


    Architectural drafter, Construction Designer and Documentation Managing Aboriginal exhibition museum project – James Davidson Multiple renovations and new builds in Brisbane area, especially after 2010 floods.


    Feb 2008 – Jun 2008

    Dominique Perrault Architects (Paris, France)


    Student, Team Leader, Construction Designer and Documentation Designing, drafting, drawing, procurement and material selection. Engaging with stakeholders including suppliers and contractors.


    Aug 2007 – Jul 2007

    Laud Arquitectura (Madrid, Spain) Student, Construction Designer and Documentation


    Developmentof architectural projects and competitions, Cooperating with ‘Toyo Ito’ office in a housing project.


    May 2007 – Jul 2007

    Beirak y Ulanosky Arquitectos (Madrid, Spain) Student, Construction Designer and Documentation


    Aug 2006 – Mar 2007

    Proes S.A (Madrid, Spain) Student, Construction Designer and Documentation Working on key projects, e.g. Vigo Bridge, 2000 residential unit complex in Valdemoro Madrid including Recycling Station in Denia Spain


    May 2005 – Jul 2006

    Esfera Arquitectura S.A. (Madrid, Spain) Student, Construction Designer and Documentation


    Engaging with all key stakeholders, e.g. clients, Directors


    Mar 2003 – May 2004

    Dominio 21, José Miguel Reyes, (ETSAM professor) (Madrid, Spain) Draftsman in a constructive prototype design


    Delivering prototype successfully & featured across several publications. Designing a prefabricated prototype of a construction exhibition; Madrid


    Education and Qualification


    Currently enrolled

    Education in Building CPP41119 Certificate IV – Nathers Assessor – WIP


    Sept 2021

    REINSW – Real Estate Institute of NSW Buyer’s Agent Course.


    Jul 2021

    AIA – Australian Institute of Architects NSW Registration 11733


    July 2021

    NSW Fair Trading Design Practitioner Registration DEP0000024 – Deemed Approved


    January 2014

    Madrid Association of Architects COAM. (Spain) Spanish Registered Architect (“Arquitecto Colegiado”)


    July 2014

    Vetassess Australia Construction Project Manager Recognition


    May 2011 – Apr 2013

    Australian Pacific College (Sydney) Diploma of Management


    Sep 2001 – Jun 2009

    Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) (Spain) Master of Architecture


    Feb 2009 – Ap 2009

    Vastu Shilpa Foundation (Ahmedabad, India) International workshop by Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi (Pritzker Prize)


    Sep 2007 – Feb 2008

    L’Institut d’Urbanisme (Paris, France) Urban Planning Program


    Feb 2008 – Jul 2008

    L’école de La Villette (Paris, France) Urban Planning Program


    May 2003 – Jun 2004

    Conservatory of Ferraz (Madrid, Spain) Classical Guitar, Piano, Harmony & Counterpoint


    Sep 1994- Jun 2001

    Royal Conservatory of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) Classical Guitar, Piano, Harmony & Counterpoint


    Additional Skills and Miscellaneous



    English, Spanish & French. Written & Spoken



    Life Saver. Member of S.L.S.C Bronte Beach. Silver Medallion. Waterpolo M4 Category NSW



    Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Sketchup, MS Office & Google Suites, Bluebeam, MS Project, Jing, Adobe Suites, WordPress, Knack, Coding: Javascript, HTML, CSS



    Superior Grade of Classic Guitar by Santa Cruz Tfe Royal Conservatory



    Currently under the process of digital transformation to obtain ISO9001 Certification.